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Mediterranean Culture and Civilization

The cultural project “LABIRINTO” is thought for facing a double challenge in the European mostly, the Mediterranean contest. We live, by love and fortune, in the old European continent through centuries of story-telling and mutual exchanges among nations and people. We share the common fields of philosophy, literature, sciences and arts that establish the European background of knowledge and aesthetics. Greek and latin traditions are actually, the oldest and richest indo-european cultures that were evolved in Greece and Italy.

The “LABIRINTO” project is getting close then, to those professions and people that they are interested to the issues of the European heritage in Greece and Italy to the proposal of the cultural residency program, on the one hand. The proposal of our cultural program includes a variety of special activities that they are of great interest for both countries, Italy and Greece, concerning arts and sciences. In addition to the former proposal we sustain the idea of the artistic residency program for organizing a number of events wishing to promote on-real time the art-works and intellectual projects of people in Italy and Greece in collaboration with public and private art institutions in both countries.

The ensemble of the “LABIRINTO” proposals and activities take place at the “BOUTARIS” winery on Crete island that it is placed in the location of Skalani, far at about 20 km. from the Knossos Palace. The winery is provided with spaces for wine tasting and a Congress venue for artistic and cultural events. In a short distance from the winery there are the hotel accommodation’ places in the surrounding environment of the Cretan landscapes for admiring the country side and the architectural local view.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us for asking information about the offers, the residency programs and the booking modalities as well as for the arts’ calendar on forthcoming events at the winery place on Crete.

The administration staff of the cultural project “LABIRINTO:Culture e civilta’ mediterranee”,

Maria Lafazani
Giorgia Tsouderos