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Mediterranean/ History/ Mythology

The Mediterranean area into the historical and mythological thought of its habitants is expanding from the Iberian peninsula of the Hercules’ columns (in the actual position of the Gibraltar tights) to the remote site of the Black Sea in the Balkan countries. The whole Mediterranean area takes the name of a young girl, Europe that was kidnapped by the god, Zeus who was crazy fallen in love with her.

In fact, there is the old story about the beautiful daughter of the Phoenix King, Agene, and Cadmo’s sister who was playing with the royal maidens in a meadow by picking flowers and making jokes. Zeus saw her from Hell above and decided to sleep with her. He was transformed then, in a white bull passing a pacific pasture time near the girls that became curious for going next to him and caressing his back. Their mistress, Europe went to sit on the back of the bull that started suddenly to run taking the young girl away to the distant Crete island, in the south of Mediterranean. On the coast of Crete island, Zeus is going back to his real personality of the God and he is now, accomplish his love desire with Europe who will give birth afterwards to three sons: Minos, Radamanthys and Sarpendon.

The story is movig to the island of Crete where Minos is the King at the palace of the city of Knossos and father himself of that mythological creature, Minotaurus that was half-a-man-half-a-bull, living in the architectonic construction of the Labyrinth. It is quite possibile to loose ourselves in the dark corridors of Labyrinth under the chasing impetus of Minotaurus. Until the time Arianne, the young daughter of Minos, found the way, with a simple clew of thread, to save her beloved Theseus, prince of Athens, out of the Labyrinth and against Minotaurus.

At the end of those stories we are still, located on the Crete island at the deep blue sea of Mediterranean through the history of the Minoan civilization (circa, 2700-1450 a.C.) and the following ethnic occupations, artistic influences and the war of independence. We are situated on the symbolic territory of the young girl, Europe according to the mythological stories of the island. We are finally, in the Mediterranean area of a place that lies under the warm colors of the sun on the extension of the natural landscapes and the human sensations.

We invite you to share an interesting experience with us on Crete island in the fascinating ambience of the Mediterranean history, mythology and creativity among people.